Accompany the choir and/or Cantor with appropriate organ or piano music during celebration of the Mass and special occasions.

Contacts: Pastor, (256) 852-0788
The Adult Education Ministry and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) are catechetical programs in the parish for adults interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. The RCIA program, in particular, is for anyone desiring to join the Catholic Church through the reception of the sacraments of initiation - Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation. The Sacrament preparation class is for children in the parish who may be delayed in receiving the sacraments of Baptism, First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. The children attend this special class in addition to regular Religious Education classes.

Contacts: Susan Turner, 256-852-0788
A Sunday morning refreshment and social activity for the purpose of meeting and getting to know members of OLQU. Refreshments are provided by those volunteering to host the social.

Contacts: Rita Cusack, 256-379-5112
Volunteers of OLQU that provide laundering care for the altar linens that are used at every Mass.

Contacts: Peggy LaBoudiere, (256) 859-7150
Altar servers assist the celebration of the Liturgy at Sunday and Holy Day masses. They serve at the Table of the Lord, assisting the Priest in the celebration of the Eucharist as well as other sacraments or liturgical activities. Men and Women, and both adult (5:00 PM Saturday Liturgy) and youth (9:00 AM and 11:30 AM Sunday Liturgies). To be an altar server is an honor and a privilege. Instruction and formation in this ministry is required.

Contacts: Joe Cassani, (256) 851-1512 Email: b.cassaniemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
This ministry creates and prepares the worship environment for each liturgical season. It also prepares creative and unique environments for celebrations of the sacraments, thus providing for, and enhancing the context for prayer and reflections. Volunteers select and arrange flowers and plants appropriate for the church season or liturgical occasion; create displays in the vestibule that reflect the theme of the church season or celebration; create, obtain, and set up other forms of art within the sacristy as necessary to add to the prayerful experience of the celebration.

This ministry continuously provides for the upkeep and maintenance of our current facilities, and ensures that the facilities are structured to continue to meet the long-term needs of the Parish. Volunteer opportunities in the areas of planning, renovation, and maintenance exist. It is not necessary to be skilled in a trade of construction in order to volunteer. However, those skilled in the areas of painting, plumbing, carpentry, construction, and electrical systems would be a welcomed asset to this ministry. Any time you can contribute is welcomed.

Contacts: Joe Andrzejewski, (256) 430-3486
Conduct religious education training for Pre-K through ninth grade on Sundays and other required training as required by the Diocese of Birmingham.

Contacts: Susan Turner, (256) 852-0788 Email: susanemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
This ministry supports the parish spiritually through accountability of its' members. Do you want to deepen your faith in God? Do you want to experience a weekend like no other? Do you want to let the Holy Spirit touch you in a way that you will never forget? If the answer to these questions is "Yes", then "Cursillo" is perfect for you. Cursillo consist of a three day weekend and follow up short weekly meetings with a support group. The weekly meetings will help you keep growing closer to God and make very good friends at the same time. The three day weekend experience is hard to explain, but most people that go on the weekend come back transformed by it. The weekend mostly consists of small courses called "rollos", prayer, meditation, group activities and some very exciting surprises. While in the weekend you will go to mass daily

Contacts: Bill Whalen, 256-653-4738
Ministry by Appointment. Meet 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Contacts: Tom Hancock, Email: TWH714email address is masked to prevent unauthorized
Approves all fund raising activities at OLQU prior to planning an event.

Contacts: Fran Spinelli, Email: fjspinelliemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
Any time of the year is a great time for renovating and planting. The goal of this ministry is to make the church beds beautiful but easier to maintain. Please consider volunteering in the gardens. One hour a week will be appreciated to weed and maintain the garden areas. Monetary donations to the "planting fund" are also welcomed. Let us all work together to make our grounds around the church something to be proud of.

Contacts: Marge Mullen, (256) 828-4014 Email: mmullenemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
This volunteer position is responsible for facilitating communications between the various parish ministries, groups, and clubs.

Contacts: Eva Andrzejewski, 256-430-3486
The mission of the Hospitality Ministry is to encourage and enrich the lives of each person entering the doors of Our Lady Queen of the Universe Church by welcoming and supporting them in a positive friendly, spiritual manner. This ministry team provides an enthusiastic, positive, spiritual, and friendly welcome to each person entering the Church before liturgical and special worship services and wishes them a good day following the celebrations.

Contacts: Sharon Weigmann, 256-990-8064
This ministry includes the men, women and youth who volunteer their time to make us comfortable at Liturgical and Special services, take up the collections, coordinate the offertory procession of the gifts, and distribute the Sunday Bulletins, Newsletters, and other Parish Information Media. As our Parish grows, there is always a need for more Ushers. Perhaps you would like to volunteer a little time to help in this important ministry.

Contacts: Tom Heath, (256) 859-9554 Email: tomheath64email address is masked to prevent unauthorized
Ministry by appointment. Ensures that written rules are adhered to, which concern the care and use of Joy Hall.

Contacts: Pastor, (256) 852-0788
The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal benefit organization where Catholic men hold true to its founding principles of charity, unity, fraternity & patriotism. The Knights Knights of Columbus support charitable programs in service to the Church, Community, Families, Youth and Culture of Life. OLQU Council #16248 meets the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in the Old Parish Hall. All Catholic men age 18 and older are invited to join us.

Contacts: Michael Baswell, 256-828-1471
Volunteers needed to maintain the lawn area around the church facility. Operation of riding and self-propelled lawn mower equipment may be required. Also power trimming and edging equipment operation may also be required as well as raking and sweeping. The requirement for the lawn care would be 4 hours once every two weeks during the summer months.

Contacts: Mike Janssen, 256- 533-9749 Email: Michael.j.janssenemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
Parish family members involved in this ministry, share in the work of the Lord's Spirit who opens our hearts to God's Holy Word. They participate in the task of telling our family story, the story of salvation. Those, who proclaim God's word in the Liturgy, have the awesome duty and privilege of bringing the printed word of life to the parish. Instruction, formation and commissioning are required for this ministry. Additional Lectors are needed at all parish Liturgical celebrations. High School Youth are also encouraged to join in this important ministry.

Shirley Thayer, 256- 837-7425
To Serve God.

Contacts: Almaretta Brislin, 776-2160
The Parish Men's Club was initiated the Summer of 2003 and is a very active service and social organization that helps to meet the needs of both the parish and community. The Christmas Issue of The Queens Messenger featured an article on the Men's Club and their planned activities. All Men of the Parish are invited and encouraged to join the Men's Club at the regular meetings that are held the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Parish Hall.

Contacts: Roberto Ruiz 256-828-8118
Parish family members involved in this ministry, share in the work of the Lord's Spirit who makes of us one bread, one body, the cup of blessing which we bless. Special Ministers of Holy Communion accept God's call to give the Body and Blood of Christ to our brothers and sisters with dignity and responsibility. Additional Ministers of Communion are needed at all parish Liturgical Services. Instruction, formation, and commissioning are required. Please consider your involvement in this beautiful ministry.

Contacts: Meche Ivey, (256) 852-1207 Email: mivey82765email address is masked to prevent unauthorized
This ministry works in teams of 3-4 people. They count, record and deposit all Mass collections and donations to the church each week. Members are assigned to this ministry by the Pastor.

Contacts: Pat Spinelli, 256-830-4135
The music ministry enhances the liturgical and parish family life experience with music. Your gift of voice and other musical talents are needed in support of the parish choir, cantors, piano, organ, keyboard or other instruments that help make our liturgical worship experience more prayerful. Clerical assistance with music management is also needed.

Contacts: Mark Blackburn, (256) 852-0788x106 Email: musicemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
The nursery provides a safe, fun and clean environment for child care for parishioners during both the 9:00 and 11:30 Sunday Liturgical Services. Volunteers, in support of this important ministry, are urgently needed. Under the new safety requirements (from the Dioceses) we are required to have two adults present while the nursery is open, and currently we do not have enough volunteers to meet these requirements at the two Sunday Liturgies. No special talent or skills necessary and we need your help for one (1) hour per month.

Sends out remembrances for sickness and/or deaths in the parish family.

Contacts: JoAnn Harper, 256-859-3330
The Pastoral Council is comprised of 9 members from the parish and acts as an advisory body for the pastor. Its members are discerned annually in the March timeframe and serve a three-year term. The Council meets the first Thursday of each month and all parish family members are invited to attend and participate. No special talents or skills are required and membership is open to all parishioners over age 18.

Contacts: Rita Cusack, 256-379-5112
Ministry by appointment. Assist Pastor in decision-making required for personnel matters.

Contacts: Pastor, (256) 852-0788
This ministry is a sub-group of the Queen Bees. The ladies meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the church to pray and to knit or crochet shawls. The completed shawls are blessed by Father and given to comfort sick parishioners when requested. The shawls can be worked on at home, but we recommend that you attend one meeting to obtain the prayers and instructions

Contacts: Claudia Wolf, 256-929-1320
The mission of the Ladies' Club (The Queen Bees) is to promote harmony, spiritual and social support to ladies of Our Lady Queen of the Universe Parish. This organization is a place to share our presence and show our support to one another, socialize and to support service projects to those in need. All Ladies of the Parish are invited and encouraged to join the Queen Bees in their various events. For additional details and information on the activities of the Queen Bees, see issues of The Queen's Messenger (quarterly), the weekly Bulletin, and posters on the bulletin board in the Gathering Area.

Contacts: Marilyn Correia, 256-379-5699 Email: correia.marilynemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
Volunteers to this ministry provide the Parish Family with a clean worship space in the church sanctuary. They also clean the reconciliation room, and church vestibule. The light cleaning duties include altar, pews, windowsills and furniture. This ministry team also keeps the songbooks in the proper locations and arrange materials in the vestibule for easy viewing and access by parish family members. Volunteers are needed for this ministry. Second and Fourth Thursday of each month.

Contacts: Charlene Stone, 256-683-0382
Parish members visit the infirm at Regency Retirement home and present them with the Word of God and Body of Christ.

Contacts: Meche Ivey, (256) 852-1207 Email: mivey82765email address is masked to prevent unauthorized
The mission of Our Lady, Queen of the Universe Church Religious Education Program is to proclaim the Good News of God's great love and compassion made visible in Jesus Christ and to teach the Catholic Church's rich traditions and understandings brought about by this Good News, in unity with our Bishop. We accomplish this through educating, administering the sacraments, and reaching out to serve others, praying, and celebrating as a community of believers. Volunteer Catechists and volunteers to help out during planned special events are needed.

Contacts: Susan Turner, Email: Susanemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
Volunteers to this ministry prepare the church sacristy for all liturgical celebrations though out the church year. The duties and responsibilities include the opening of the church facility, turning on the lights, setting of the air conditioning thermostats. For the Eucharistic liturgical celebrations, the bread and wine must be in place, vessels and vestments available, and books and candles set out. Sacristans also set up and supervise the regular replenishment of materials like wine, bread, candles, and charcoal. Volunteers to this ministry are needed.

Contacts: Pat Spinelli, (256) 830-4135 Email: spinzio05email address is masked to prevent unauthorized
The Social Ministry functions as a way to promote fun and togetherness within the Parish Family. Their mission is to provide support to various ministries with any social activities, dinners, gatherings, etc.

Contacts: Orlando Herrera, 256-990-7212 Email: HERRE5Hemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
The St. Andrew's Table Ministry provides a fun environment for parishioners over 50 to share mass, lunch and fun with each other on a monthly basis. The goal of this ministry is to honor the older members of our parish by hosting luncheons for them each month and provide an outlet to socialize with other members. We currently have two volunteer teams that rotate monthly to set up the parish hall for the luncheon, decorate the tables, cook and serve the meal, and clean up afterwards. We have a need for 4 additional volunteers to set up a third team. The team would host the luncheon on a rotating basis with the other teams. Any age is welcome! Requirements are: people who can physically set up tables, cook, serve food, clear tables and clean cooking and serving pieces. If you'd like to help only occasionally rather than on a team, please let us know that, too.

Contacts: Vicky Wilson, (256) 859-4528
The St. Anthony World Mission assists on both a local and global scale.

Contacts: Joe Cassani, 256-851-1512 Email: j.cassaniemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
This Ministry Team brings Communion to those who are ill in the hospital or at home. Our lay ministers provide an important service to our community as we share our care and our gifts with those who struggle with health issues and other disabling problems. The benefit of being in this ministry is finding meaningful ways to be a blessing to others in need. Volunteers to this ministry are needed.

Contacts: Fred or Margaret Dorsey, (256) 852-9476 Email: fredmdorseyemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic organization of lay people. "Vincentians" have, historically, made the gift of their services selflessly, attempting by action to serve the needs of the poor, the needy and the handicapped. The SVDP mission is to promote and perform works of charity through personal service.

Contacts: Luster Ingram, (256) 852-2899 Email: ingramlremail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
The Sunshine Ministry visits parish family members who are in Huntsville area hospitals and nursing homes and adds to their quality and meaning to the life by giving love, encouragement, and relieving anxieties. Visiting teams, comprised of two volunteers, spread "sunshine" with a desire and hope of speeding recovery. Scripture is read, prayers are said, and hugs are given freely. Inquiries are made as to what the church community can do for them at this time. Requests for communion are relayed to the parish Homebound and St. Luke's Ministry Volunteers. After each funeral mass at, the Sunshine Ministry serves a meal in the Parish Hall. The ministry volunteers provide for set up, cooking and serving the meal, and cleanup afterwards. Volunteers are urgently needed for this ministry, especially men to make hospital and nursing home visits and the help with the setting up and taking down tables for meals following funeral events.

Contacts: Vicky Wilson, (256) 859-4528
Welcomers begin weekend services by welcoming everyone to our Church, providing the congregation information pertinent to the Mass to be celebrated, including what today's celebration is about, if there are any additional collections, and inviting the congregation to greet those surrounding them to create a warm, welcome environment for everyone.

Contacts: Fran Spinelli, 256-830-4135 Email: fjspinelliemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized
A group dedicated to those suffering such loss to have some time to relate to others who have experienced that pain and offer support to each other in making the difficult transition. The support comes in a variety of ways. It may be in learning how others cope, or suggesting a painter or lawn care person. It may just be a time of being with someone else rather than being alone. Or it may be getting to know each other better. It definitely is a time of learning how to help another if help is needed and enjoying being together. This group is not meant to be a match-making group or a social ministry in the sense of having parties exclusively for that group outside the parish socials. However, if anyone in the group would like some one-on-one time with a confidante, they sometimes meet outside the group for coffee, lunch, or some other means of having private time. The purpose or focus of the group is determined by the needs of those who participate. The interactions have become more light-hearted as healing has occurred, but as moments of "relapse" visit any one of us, we ask those more experienced in grief, "How long does this last?" All of this is in the comfortable and safe atmosphere of coffee and muffins and fruit and understanding friends.

Contacts: Almaretta Brislin, 256-776-2160
Named in honor of the Holy Spirit and Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, the prayer group features prayer in the tradition of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, personal faith sharing and occasional teaching. The group has ties to both the diocesan and national organizations of the Renewal and often participates in regional Renewal conferences. The Charismatic Renewal is a renewal of the graces which flow from a close relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit which, initiated at Baptism and Confirmation, are intended to grow into a deep and powerful spirituality as a person matures in their Christian walk. Participants in the Renewal manifest the power gifts of the Holy Spirit noted in 1 Corinthians 12 and elsewhere in Scripture; prayer and interpretation of tongues, healing, prophecy, teaching, discernment, etc. Since the Renewal began with a Pentecost-like outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a group of college students in 1967 it has spread world-wide with the encouragement of every Pope since then, touching the lives of over 150 million people. The parish prayer group meets every Thursday evening from 7:00 to 8:00 PM, usually in the Sanctuary, occasionally in the library. Visitors are always welcome. We are always happy to pray with you if you have a special need. In accord with the expressed wish of Pope Francis, we are currently in the planning stages to bring the Diocesan Renewal seminar team to the parish to do a Life in the Spirit Seminar - watch the bulletin for more details.

Contacts: Beth and Jeff Anderson, 256-852-8734
The Youth Ministry is a program designed to provide opportunities for youth to develop a closer relationship with GOD, each other, and the world around them, through spiritual, social, educational, and service events. Through real life experiences, teens have the opportunity feel a part of their church community and society as a whole, and to know they can make a difference.

Contacts: Mark Blackburn, Email: markemail address is masked to prevent unauthorized